Sock size chart and info

I posted this as an answer in another thread, but thought some folks might find this useful:

It’s hard to know exactly how long to knit the foot of socks, before beginning the toe. If it’s your own foot, or not a gift, then the easiest thing to do is to stand on a large piece of paper and have someone closely trace the foot and then measure the length.

But if it’s a surprise gift, then that’s not an option. This chart has the measurements for every adult size in every country, men and women. It’s a little complicated to read, but it works.

Lower down on this page is a chart for babies’ feet, plus some other useful measurements.

Most patterns tell you to knit the foot length leaving a certain amount of space for the toe finishing, usually 2". But if they don’t, then

  1. Go to another part of the sock which was knitted in stockinette stitch.
  2. Measure the number or rows/rounds you’re getting per inch. Let’s say that’s 10.
  3. Figure out how many rows/rounds you need for the toe. Let’s say they say decrease every other row/round, for 20 rounds and then graft the toe. Those 20 rows/rounds will give you 2 more inches, so that’s how much you need to leave off of your foot length.
    Of course, the numbers aren’t usually quite so nice, but you get the idea.

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