Sock ribs

I’m just curious because one of the gals at my LYS just makes an inch or two of ribbing at the top of the ankle and I was thinking that these socks wouldn’t stay up well…

I am on my first pair of socks and am doing ribbing the whole way down the leg and also want to do it on top of the foot. Is there anything I should take into consideration when I am doing so?

I think it depends on the pattern honestly. I’ve done basic socks that have ribbing all the way down and that have had just an 1.5" set of ribbing at the top and plain st st all the way down.

I hate ribbing, so I won’t knit any more of that than I need to. Just enough to prevent my socks from slipping of my feet.

I’m doing a pattern right now that is one row of K2/P2 followed by a row of just knit – I am carrying this all the way down the leg and over the top of the foot. I can’t remember the name of the pattern now – it is from Sensational Knitted Socks – I think it is called garter rib.

On a previous pair I did just a few inches of ribbing and then a pattern that carried down the leg and over the top of the foot. I would think that plain stockinette would be a little slouchy :shrug:

I’ve been doing socks on DPNS – which I don’t mind at all – BUT, I have a shipment coming from Knitpicks of their classic circulars to try socks on 2 circs using Cat Bordhi’s book, Socks Soar on 2 Circs. I’m toying with trying to make my second sock of this pair on 2 circs that are the same size as the DPNS I’m currently using (2’s) I wonder if my gauge will be significantly different using 2 circs over 4 DPNS?

For longer socks, I do shaping around the calf, which is much easier (and better looking, IMO) in stockinette. For shorter socks, it depends on my mood.