Sock question

I’m knitting a pair of socks for dh. I originally was going to use a certain pattern, but cast on and decided that I didn’t like it so I have been winging it. I used Silver’s instructions for the heel, adapting it to work with 72 stitches and it seems to be fine (the heel is a little small but he tried it on and it hasn’t negatively effected the fit) but my issue is the toe. Obviously Silver’s tutorial is not going to work. I have 72 stitches cast on, am using size 1 needles and have 12 rows per inch gauge. I am worried if I use the tutorial the toe will be short, making the socks too short. Any ideas on how to tackle this?

Maybe I’m misunderstanding what you mean. Silver’s tutorial says to knit the foot until you’re 2 inches from the length you need, then work the toe. So, if you think 2 inches is too short from where you are now, maybe just knit for another inch before starting the toe?

That is the best part of making socks. We can make them fit any foot. As knit4pie said just keep knitting until it is the length you want and make the toe from there.

When I stated making socks for my dh I would make him put the sock on until I knew where to start the toe. I wrote all the measurements down. So now he has his special socks.


Thank you both, I’ll try that. I guess I wasn’t sure if I should start the toe later or if I should add rows to the toe shaping.

I read the Yarn Harlot today and she actually had two people with lines [B]tattooed [/B]on their feet showing them where to start the toe decreases.:rofl:

I’m sure this is TMI but I have long toes and I actually have to start 2.5" from the end of my foot. It took me 3 pair of socks to figure that out. :doh:

The great thing about socks is that you can try them on as you shape the foot and shape them to your foot. My feet are not real pointy so I create a more blocky toe. You can vary the number of rows between decreases as well. The more socks you make the easier it gets to get the toe shaping just how you like it.

Took me one pair and 3 frogs on the next pair to get my husbands socks to fit. He has high arches so i had to fix that and around the ankle area was too bulky so i had to fix that. I took LOTS of notes and rewrote the pattern and now i can just knit him socks from the pattern when he needs it. Now my son, thats a different story. His feet are still growing. He gets fittings every time. Which brings on a “moooommmmm…” He will get over it.

Happy Christmas Knitting!!