Sock question

okay, I’m knitting socks as some of you might know, and I just finished the heel and did about 5 rnds of stockinette, could I have just started doing the rib? Could I do that now? Do most people start the rib or whatever right after the heel?

Your doing a toe up sock right? I haven’t done a toe up but I am sure you can start and stop your ribbing when you want to. Since I usually knit from the top down. I have stoped my ribbing immediately before starting the heel. I have knit a round in stockinette before starting the heel. And I have continued the rib down the front and top of the foot while the heel and bottom of the foot is in stockinette. It really depends on what you want and what the pattern calls for if you are using one.

The only other thing I would say is to jot down whatever you decide (how many rows of stockinette, etc.) so that you can do the next sock the same way. I went off memory once and got two different sized socks.

Thanks :slight_smile: I ended up doing about 5 rows of stockinette and then kept going with ribbing.