Sock question

Hey folks,

I’m knitting Thuja from knitty for my sister (see my sig for a link) and I’m wondering, when making the second sock, do you count rows? or do you just measure inches? I read in one knitting book that you should count rows to make sure that both are the same, but then again that was talking about sleeves.

I’m on my second sock and I’ve done more rows on this sock than on the other one, but it’s just the same length. Should I rip back, or move on to the heel flap? I don’t want two socks that are mismatched. (and, this is the first pair that I’ve made as a gift, hell the first pair I’ll be finishing, I want it to look good)


:thinking: I guess that depends on how perfect you want your socks. I have always just measured and never bothered with counting rows. But you could do either depending on what works for you.

I’m obsessive about rows so I always count, but if it’s the same length it might mean that you’re gauge varied enough between the two socks that it makes it right, even though the rows are off.

Is it a patterned yarn? I have been pretty picky about matching my patterns so that the two socks will match, but if it is a solid yarn, I’d go with how it looks, without counting rows. Nobody else is going to look at the socks as critically as you will. As long as you’re happy with them, I’d go ahead with the heel flap.

Personally, I count rows with my socks…but, if the length is the same I wouldn’t stress about it…who will know the row count?! The important thing is that the length is the same…IMHO :wink:

Yeah, I went with it. It’s a varigated yarn, but not striping, it’s just three different colors of orange wound together to make the yarn. They’re really cool looking. I should be done tomorrow, I’ll post a picture then.

Thanks folks!

aren’t those the ones with the lace ankles? I think I would count stitches, but I don’t see anything wrong with just measuring them. I usually measure my socks, but I don’t do any kind of patterns yet- just ribbing.