Sock question

Ok here is my first question about making this sock. Because I am not a peson who can picture things ahead of time.

I knit and purled all the stitches on the first needle…I am about to go to the second needle.
First…does it matter which needle I go to next?

second… if the needle I just worked is now my working needle will all the stitches wind up back on one needle?

I don’t want to screw this up have to go back to class on Monday night with nothing done.

Thanks, Evelyn :??

I am no expert at this and still struggling to do the first few rows on DPNs, but generally, you just keep going to the left. You should be able to tell because of where the working yarn is.

Each time you work a needle the stitches transfer to the working needle. It goes like that all the way around.

Someone should be able to add to and clarify this soon.

Silver explains it a lot better than I can… Hope that helps.

I went to the tutorial but it didn’t explain what I am asking. At least I didn’t see it.
I think I am just really scaring myself. Everyone said socks weren’t that difficult.
Evelyn :?? :frowning:

If you have your stitches divided on three needles, and you just knit the stitches from the first needle, you’ll use the empty needle that you just knit the stitches from and knit on the next needle on the left. When you finish with those stitches, you’ll have another empty needle in your hand, and you’ll work the next stitches on the needle that follows on the left, again. You just keep doing this around and around.

Thank You so much Ingrid now I can move on. :happydance:

I guess I am the kind of person who needs someone right there to explain each step when I am unsure.

I may have more questions later because I am DETERMINED to do this.
My kids call it stubborn…I call it determined. :wink:


Yeh everyone said socks arn’t that hard. :rollseyes: I figured how it works but I’m using size 3 needles with KP parade sock yarn and I might as well be using toothpicks and dental floss to knit with! This is harddddd! :frog: :wall: Its taken me all evening to get 3 rows of straight knit done and I’m still not convinced its correct. I’m using the book Learn to knit socks and working on the basic anklet. Does this get any easier?? :doh:

I would advise you to knit your first pair of socks with worsted weight yarn. The pattern will go faster and you will better see what you are doing.

yeah. Like Jeremy said. I have several patterns in books and probably from the net that use worsted. It’s much easier to work with at first. I even have one pair I did with chunky yarn. They knit up quickly! They are great in my boots and my clogs. Hope you are doing okay. Socks aren’t really hard once you’ve done one. Keep at it! It’ll work out. samm

I started out on a kids sock first so it went faster and I think I learned more because it didn’t take as long to do each part of the sock so I retained it better. I also used a worsted yarn.I think Amy has a baby sock pattern somewhere by her videos. :thumbsup:

I first learned to make baby socks 32 stitches of worsted weight on size 4 or maybe 6 needles. (can’t remember now). They knit up very quickly, but still had all the elements of adult socks (cuff, leg, heel, turn, instep, foot, toe). My first adult socks were fingering weight on size 0 needles. Hang in there. You will get faster. Just keep doing one round at a time and soon you will have a sock. I put all my sock making projects in a rubbermaid-like container (don’t know what the brand is, a friend from UK sent it to me with something else in it). I call it my “sock box.” It goes everywhere with me. It’s a great project to throw in your bag and be able to do a needle or two while waiting in line, sitting in stand still traffic, waiting to fill up your gas cans before a hurricane, waiting to get your car serviced, or just sitting with friends chatting over lunch.

Well I for one certainly hope this gets easier because I would love to be able to make my own socks. I think the pattern we are using in this sock class is hard. I stumbled into an intermediate class I am now finding out. :rollseyes:

BUT the good news is I found a LYS through it all. It isn’t right next door but not too far away. They have sit and knits a few times a week so that makes me happy. :smiley:

I hope these ladies are tolerant of all my questions and don’t get tired of helping me. I can’t believe all these people learned this as a child. Where were all the people I needed to teach me? I was knitting deprived!
I am a self taught crocheter so I guess I will struggle through this too. LOL :??