Sock Question/Thanks Silver

First off let me thank Silver for the sock tutorial on knitting two sock toe up on one circular!! :cheering:I love it and it was very easy to follow/understand.

Questions though, I noticed Silver used worsted weight yarn I am using sock weight yarn. She casts on for a total of 16 stiches per sock, this seems too few for the sock weight yarn. I am using size 2 needles. This is my third pair of socks but I have previously made them where you measure your foot and do a little math and get the exact number to cast on for your size foot. And knit from the cuff down. (I know I sound like I am rambling) Anyone have any suggestions for the cast on. Making men’s socks shoe size 8-9.

i don’t know about men’s sizes, but for my own, i work with 60 or 64 stitches for the body and cuff of the sock with fingering weight yarn. hope that guides you in the right direction.

I would cast on 24 sts with sock weight yarn. Increase to 60 or 64 sts for the foot body. The heel stitches are always half of the foot stitches. Good luck! :thumbsup:

As I was knitting the socks last night I thought it looked too small. I am traveling for work and I did not have my other pattern so I knew if I posted here I would get answers. At least now I have had some practice with the casting on,etc. Thanks a ton!!!:woot:

I am planning on printing the tutorial this weekend - can’t wait to try something new!

Hi Kedek, how did you do this little equation? That’s what I want to be able to do…


Here are the directions I have used for knitting one sock on one circular. Please ignore my chicken scratch off to the side all the numbers are numbers I have used so you will have to insert your own numbers to have socks that fit your feet exactly! Custom Socks! I am trying to add the PDF of the pattern so I hope it worked.

That’s great, Kedek!!! I want to knit socks for my 6yo son next and I will use this pattern! Did you work it out yourself? Clever.

Waggus, I did not make that up myself, but thanks for thinking I was so clever :rofl:. I had taken a sock class at the LYS and this is what they provided to us, the instructor said this can be adapted to any sock pattern!! Good Luck!:knitting:

Can someone be a dear and tell me where to measure on the foot. What do they consider the ball of the foot? Please be specific, I would like to make socks for the family.

I think the ball of your foot is the widest part of your foot just below your toes.

I think you measure the circumference of the widest part of the foot, which would normally be the ball. Also measure around the ankle at the widest part, however long you want the socks to come to.

found some instructions here: