Sock question/poll

I just started knitting toe up socks with the magic loop. I kind of loosely followed silvers two sock tutorial but only made one sock, as my cable wasn’t quite long enough to accomidate two. I like the heel she does, but always end up with hole. Any one else do magic loop toe up socks, and what kind of heels do you like to do? I’ve looked at a couple pages with different heel forms, but they all seem to be done on dpn’s and I’m not bright enough yet to try and convert them to magic loop!

also unrelated question…how do you get more than one pic in your signatures. i had to put mine in a paint file and save them, but it looks fuzzy! Thanks all!!!:muah:

I’ve only done a short row from the toe up…I had trouble with holes esp on the purl side, my knit side would look fine…I started just pulling those sts very tight when I would go to knit/purl with the wrap st… and it seemed to close the holes up… I still get one where you pick back up and knit on the instep and will have to go back in and close those up…:teehee:

I know some put their photos in flickr and up load them that way… dh put mine in kodak gallery and used that…:teehee:

Ahh that might make sense, I’ve just started using flikr. I see the mountaineers thing in your sig? Are you from WV? My boyfirends family is there. Thanks for you input!

Yep, we are from the Hawks Nest/New River Gorge area… we grew up there and all of our family is still there… we are now in OH… :thumbsup:

His family is mostly around Webster Springs. It’s beautiful there!

We love it there… Webster springs is very pretty!