Sock Progress!

I just wanted to post and brag that I’m about 3/4" from starting my toe decreases on my very first knitting project ever- a sock! :yay:

I’ve also managed to take the advice of one of the moderators that told me that in order to learn to knit looser, it takes patience and practice. I’ve been really working on loosening up and it actually makes my knitting go faster because I’m not trying to force the needle into the stitch! :cheering:

Part of the issue is also that I’m knitting twisted stitches :doh:but didn’t know until the guy at the yarn store helped me with an issue. But he told me to keep doing what I was doing until I am done with this pair, then we’d regroup.

I’m getting there!!

Congratulations!! What an ambitious first project!! Glad to see that you’re concentrated on improving - don’t forget to enjoy the process, too!!

Welcome to knitting!!!:knitting:

Thanks so much!

I went to a sock class, but called first and asked him if he would take a beginner… I wasn’t as far along as everyone else when I left, but he’s worked with me a couple of times. He complimented me on my heel, said it looked very nice. :woot:

I’m looking forward to putting my socks on and having a cup of tea. :thumbsup:

:cheering::cheering: Sounds like you are doing great. It is so easy to make a little mistake when you start out, like twisting the stitches. It’s nice that you have someone to help you out and catch your little mistakes so you can keep learning.

Your yarn store guy gave you good advice. Twisted stitches aren’t that much of a problem, and won’t ruin your sock. I’ve known of people who knitted that way for years without knowing it was non-standard. :lol: I’ll work and when you finish your socks you can straighten that little wobble up. :woot:

Keep up the good work.:thumbsup: