Sock patterns.

Do all sock patterns require circular needles? All patterns I’ve found are for circs.

There are lots of sock patterns knit flat and seamed. One advantage of knitting socks in the round is that you avoid a seam which might be uncomfortable.
These are the results of a quick Ravelry search which can be further tailored to downloadable patterns for adults or children if you’d like.

I am an avid ravelry user but a lot of the patterns that I’ve seen use circs. Could I easily convert that to the use of regular needles and seam down the side rather than down the back? I did this with a hat and it worked but socks seam like it may be different.

Yes, it seems to me that that would be more difficult to do with socks because of the heel and toe shaping.
Have you not used circulars or double points or do you not like them? There are some wonderful tutorials out there for socks in the round. Silver’s class for example.

I wouldn’t mind using them but I just don’t have the fundings. I can only work with what I have. A woman on ravelry is going to donate some yarn to me because I can’t afford to purchase yarn in bulk. That’s why I love the knitting community everyone is so helpful.

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