Sock Patterns for large legs?

I have tried searching but could not find anything on larger calves. I would like to make some lacy topped socks but I don’t have skinny legs. Anyone know where I might find some patterns? Beverly

If you have a pattern in mind, you could scale it up by adding another set of repeats. That would make it larger around.

Have you tried I know there is one pattern by the name of “Not for Skinny Legs Socks”.


Tried this site, but found an error in the address, only one k:

Thanks for the help. I am going to try to website and I am “enhancing” the sock pattern I wanted to use.

I tried to go to the website and sign up but I got the message my e-mail address had been banned. As I have never been to the website, I thought that was strange. And to my knowledge, I have never been banned from a website. I couldn’t find a way to contact them and ask.


Beverly, have you found a pattern that fits?

If not, post a link for a free cuff down sock pattern you like. Along with your leg measurements. And I’ll teach you how to size up. That way, you can make those socks. And know how to adjust other sock patterns.

Are you on There are several groups for knitting socks. A couple of the ones I belong to are Sweet Big Feet and DBoS (Data Base of Socks). There are also several groups that I belong to for plus size ladies that have sock patterns on them. I generally browse through the projects of each group to look for patterns. I hope that this helps a little.

Thanks for the offer Abbey. I was just being lazy and looking for a pattern where I didn’t have to think. LOL. But I did upsize the pattern I had and have one of the socks complete. It fits fine. Because of the pattern, it shows (in the back) in the pattern where I decreased the pattern at the ankle but it is symetrical so I guess that is to be expected. It is a good sock pattern and it is easy - really good directions. The pattern is called “Seduction Socks” by Ann Budd from Interweave Knits. Again, thanks for your offer.

Thanks Victoria. I will go look at and look for the groups. Socks are getting to be addicting since they don’t take too long to do. Appreciate you taking time to answer.