Sock pattern with ruffle at top of cuff

Recently I saw a picture of a sock with a knitted ruffle at the top of the cuff. I can’t find it again and can’t remember where I saw it the first time. Does anyone know of the pattern I am talking about and if so, does anyone have a link to this pattern?

Thanks in advance,

The first one that came to mind is Ruffled Garden Socks…it’s from Magknits…:thumbsup:

ohh Found this one too Maizy

Found these on Ravelry. Is of them right?

I think it looks most like the bottom one. Thanks so much for finding this for me!!!

No problem! Just remember Ravelry is a great way to research patterns. :wink:

To be honest, I never even thought of it! I will next time. Sorry to put you to the bother when I probably should have done it myself.

No, no! I don’t mean that. It’s not a bother at all. It was just a suggestion so you don’t have to wait for a response or only get what someone else thinks you want. :hug: