Sock Pattern to fit Men's size 10 1/2

Hi, I’m new to the sock KAL forum, and would like to know if anyone has a favorite men’s sock pattern that would fit a size 10 1/2. I used two online sock pattern generators, and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but you can’t believe the number of cast-on stitches that they want! The first one said to cast on 104 stitches, which would fit BIGFOOT, and the second one said 88, which I tried, and is still too big. I thought it might be easier to ask for help from this forum instead of trying to search for patterns. His ankle circumference is 10.5 inches, and his foot length is 10.50. He has skinny little “chicken legs”. Thanks for any help in advance!:muah:

Becka’s Website may help you she has designed several socks for her husband. Here is the # one Husband sock, but if you scroll down you will see her other Men patterns. You can change the size for 10 1/2 by just knitting the foot longer or shorter :thumbsup:

Here is a men’s sock pattern. I haven’t used this one but I have used the women’s basic rib sock pattern by the same designer many times.

Thank you so much! It looks like a beautiful pattern.

You also need to take into account the needle size and weight of yarn you are using. If you’re doing worsted weight then you would need fewer stitches. If you’re using sock weight and size 1-3 needles then you would need upwards of 70 or more stitches cast on.