Sock pattern question

I cast on 64 stitches and divided the stiches on 3 needles 21 stitiches/22 stitiches/21 stitches and and worked in a k1p1 ribbing for 2 inches… Then worked in a stockinette stitch until the sock measured 7.5 inches.
The heel directions are confusing to me… Divide the stitches with 16 stitches on needle 1,32 stitiches on needle 2 to be put on a holder for the instep and 16 stitches on needle 3 for the heel…Does this make sense to you? The other pair of socks I made had 32 stitches for the heel…needles 1 and 3 with 16 each…
The woman at the yarn store said to knit the heel with 32 stitiches but when I look at the next step of turning the heel, the directions are for 16 stitches… example: sl 1 knit 17 (sl1 psso) knit 1 turn…
Any advice, I really don’t want to return to the yarn store with more questions as I don’t think the woman knits socks.

Yes, you do knit the heel on 32 stitches…when you turn the heel, you don’t knit all the way across the row. You’ll knit partway across and tehn turn just past the middle of the row…just follow the directions and do exactly what they say!

If you’d like to gain a fuller understanding of turning theheel before you actually do it, you might want to check this out: Sock Class: the Heel

(at the moment the site is down, so try it in a little while :wink: )

Amy’s video is also really helpful. (Just scroll down the page.) I watched it a zillion times before turning the heel on my first sock!

Thanks for the advice. I seem to be turning the heel with the help of the videos.

how should I knit the next row if the pattern says to continue in the same manner until all stitches :XX: :XX: :XX: have been worked ending with a k row (18 stitches on needle.

 row 1    sl 1 k 17 etc
 row 2    sl 1 p5 etc
 row 3     sl 1 k6 etc
  row 4    sl 1p 7 etc

My guess was row 5 sl 1 k8 etc…this seemed to be the way to go but as the rows progressed I ran out of stitches at the end before I ever ended up with 18 stitches…
Hope u understand my question…

How many stitches do you actually have?

Unfortunately, I cannot answer your question because I have unraveled the section of sock I had a problem with…The pattern seems to be for the experienced knitter and does not include all details needed that would be helpful for the beginner knitter. I will look for another sock pattern that uses sock yarn. Thanks for your help.

Just to let you know, I found a universal sock pattern which gives directions for a basic pair of socks and included sock yarn instructions. THE pattern was identical to the one on the yarn wrapper except it was more detailed with exact directions for each row turning the heel. Apparently, I misinterpreted the “continue in the same manner” it really meant repeat rows 3 and 4 …

Oh, it happens to all of us!

So have you started a new pair yet?