Sock pattern question

The pattern in question is KP’s Moc Croc Socks. It says to CO 60(70) sts. Divide evenly onto 4 needles so there is a multiple of 5 sts on each needle. How on earth am I supposed to divide the sts evenly AND have a multiple of 5 sts on each needle :shrug: ? Also, can I use 4 dpn instead of 5?

I don’t have time to look at the pattern right now, but these are my initial impressions:

Are you knitting the small version or the large version? It sounds like the “evenly” direction is referring to the 60 st cast-on (4 x 15 = 60). For the 70 st cast-on, I’d check the rest of the pattern and see if a 15-20-15-20 distribution would be OK.

I wouldn’t recommend using the 4 needles unless the pattern was easy enough to convert. For example, half the stitches on one needle and a quarter of the stitches on the other 2 needles.

You can use any number of dpns you want; just use stitch markers to denote needle numbers; they won’t matter anyway until you get to the heel flap/turn and the toe decreases. The markers will let you know where to divide for those.

Thank you for your fast replies.

What a great solution! You rock, Angelia!