Sock of the Month Club

I’m just getting into knitting socks and was considering joining a Sock of the Month club… Has anyone done this? Are there clubs out there for sock knitters like myself - newer sock knitters? Are there clubs that offer every other month? (I’m a slow knitter.) I’ve seen a couple on the internet, but would really love a first-hand experience of a good sock club. Thanks in advance!!

I’ve never joined a club, but I can’t imagine knitting a sock a month - I’m too much of an ADD person to be able to just stick to a project. I always have to have a few different projects going at one time.

Quite frankly, so am I (I have 8 projects OTNs right now!) - I’ve seen a quarterly sock of the month club, which is probably more my speed. :slight_smile:

Did you see the thread about knitting two socks at once on DPN’s? Here is a link to the article that is referenced in the thread. I’m going to try this soon… looks like it may be worth it to try - 2 at one time, maybe then I would have a chance to finish a sock pair in a more timely fashion. :slight_smile:

I’m afraid if I didn’t like the pattern or the yarn I would not get around to knitting the kit anyway. There are so many free sock patterns available and wonderful sock yarns and colors that I have made way more socks than I need and family members are now getting socks as well.

You might want to consider learning how to knit socks on two circular needles. I took a class about a year ago to learn this method. It’s so much easier than using the DPNs!! At first we learned how to make just the one sock on 2 circs., then two socks on two circs. Will NEVER go back to using DPs again. Just love it~


I use Magic Loop and am currently learning two toe up socks on one needle!

I’ve never seriously thought about a sock club, at least not for more then 2 minutes. I do love making socks and have a bunch now. I also have more sock yarn then a person should ever admit to. And not every sock book ever published, but a good many of them, plus countless free sock patterns.

I’d worry I wouldn’t love the color of the yarn, or would hate something about the pattern. they don’t really seem to be a bargain to me, you know? I’d just rather buy the yarn I want when I see/want it/can afford it and find a pattern.

Good point! :slight_smile: