Sock Monkeys! Arghhhhhh!

The new joke in my house is this…
Every time someone asks me, “What’s your next project?,” my husband interjects, “She’s going to knit me a sock monkey!”

LOL :lol:

I guess this is a trend among office-folk and computer-folk. Here’s a funny link, showing the mischief some of these folks are up to with their sock monkeys! (Crude, at times, but funny.)


Here’s the latest request…

“Wanna make me a Spock Monkey?”

:!: :lol:

So is there an actual pattern floating around out there to knit that sock monkey? DH has one almost exactly like that one, but MIL said she used works socks to make it. It’s DS’s favorite toy, and I’m sure I could design a pattern myself. However, if there’s already one out there, I’d love to get my hands on it. :slight_smile:

I haven’t found a pattern for them. We could invent one…

[Edited. I gave a rediculously complicated pattern suggestion here. Nevermind! Revised in my June post below. Or, as Pageta and PunkHippieMom says, you can make the monkey out of existing red-heeled socks, as is apparently the traditional method. Or, you can do what I do, and just roll your eyes and laugh when your husband insists you’re going to make him one for his office pranks!]

Here’s a picture that shows the mouth a little better. It looks three dimensional, like it’s made seperately and appliqued on, and stuffed…

Here’s a picture that shows the mouth a little better. It looks three dimensional, like it’s made seperately and appliqued on, and stuffed…

Actually, the mouth (and his tushie, too!) are the heels of the socks - here’s a page that shows you how to make one…
Have fun!

I had a sock monkey when I was little!!! :cheering: I can’t remember who made it for me… :??

My darling MIL makes sock monkeys. They are indeed crafted from ready made socks. She even makes them little ruffle-edged hats.

DH wants to start a band and call it “The Sock Monkeys”. I got a big laugh when I saw the title of this thread. It’s what I think every time he mentions “his band”. :rofling:

Isn’t it a little crazy to knit a sock monkey? Heck, why not…is there a way to do it ‘easier’? I’m not familiar with the invsi cast on, or some of the other techniques you mentioned, Amy.

On the other hand, would your way eliminate sewing with ‘regular’ needle and thread? Seamstress, I am not.

In a secret pal swap on another forum, I received this from the owner of linked site. I changed her name to Zulu.

It’s funny to see this thread revived! I posted this the first week that I launched the site. :mrgreen:

Yes, Denise, it IS a little crazy to knit a sock monkey! In my opinion! LOL. That’s why it was a joke in my house, because DH would tell people “she’s going to knit me a sock monkey,” when in fact I had no intention of doing so! LOL. I’d knit one for a kid, maybe, (or sew one out of socks, as PunkHippieMom suggests, I guess that’s how they’re supposed to be made), but I won’t knit one for my husband whose intention is to use it for funny pranks around the office. I think that would be funny, but I don’t know that I’d want to make something by hand only to see it go through the abuse he has in mind. He bought one for his best friend, and his friend would report on the adventures of the sock monkey in his office. Things like:

~The sock monkey posing with the (ever-revered) UPS man for a picture.
~The sock monkey surprising a coworker by mysteriously hiding in waiting in the microwave when they go to heat their lunch
~The sock monkey REALLY surprisiong a coworker by myseriously being taped to the underside of the lid of the toilet.

If any of you are so daring as to make a sock monkey for an adult office worker, I offer the above as a warning to be ready for the office pranks it will undergo. :shock: LOL

And if you decide to actually knit one, forget what I said about invisible cast-on, that was totally unecessary, don’t know what I was thinking. Just start at the top and increase, and work your way down to the legs and work the legs like fingers of a glove.

Now that ya mention all of these pranks, it sort of sounds like a fun thing to do…hehehe, although I’m not particularly fond of the idea of someone relieving himself on my monkey!

LOL. They’d have to have bad aim to pee on the lid of the seat! But I agree, it’s not a pleasant place to have a monkey, and it would need a run through the washing machine after that stunt! :rofling:

THEY ARE MEN! What do you expect?

Yeah, and the manfolk would be doin the washing, too!!!

Is it just me or are these things freaking scary (kind of on par with clowns)? :hiding: :shifty: :help: :oo:

They always reminded me of this story I read when I was a kid about an evil stuffed monkey that tries to kill the kids it’s given to… :oo: Whenever I see one, I try not to turn my back on it… like Vern, here :

until we were in Cracker Barrell when our oldest son was about 8 mos old. He saw one and started laughing hysterically. Of course we bought it…