Sock makers, how do you

reinforce the heel? :?? My socks just don’t seem to last long (which is why I knit so many) but I want them to last longer. I usually use 100% wool, sometimes worsted wieght and I wear them just in the house as lounging around socks, not in shoes. It happens with 100% wool sock yarns too. I’ve heard some people say stranding a piece of nylon in when you do the socks but that sounds uncomfrotable.

So lets hear your ideas sock knitters!

Knitting at a tighter gauge is supposed to help reduce wear. Some people claim that reinforcing nylon actually cuts into the fabric, making socks wear out faster, but I don’t know whether it’s true or not. There are camps on both sides.

Hmmm…so maybe if I used smaller needles when it comes to the heel? :??

One pattern I’m using now suggests that you switch to a smaller needle.


I’ve used two strands of yarn for the heel with great luck. It is thicker, of course, but really wears well. You can’t tell from looking at it that it is thicker. I had used 2 colors for the socks, so I just used both yans for the heel, and it made a speckled effect- pretty with the stripes. These socks were made with worsted wight yarns.