Sock Link Frenzy

I did a search on my handy dandy new Google Knitting Search Engine for socks and found a great link on a blog I like (The Knitting Fiend) called Sock Link Frenzy!

And boy, she wasn’t kidding!!! Just about anything you can think of!

Just wanted to share.

[B]GAAAHHHH!!![/B] :eyes:
you weren’t kidding!
there’s even a link to these. :eyebrow:
now that is one all-encompassing list. :woot:

[B]Thanks Lu!!!

Haven’t seen you for a bit![/B]

:waving: Hi. I’m still here. My mom is back to normal, thank the good Lord! Without hospital and doctor waiting time I won’t get so much knitting done. :teehee:

Wow…that’s a lotta links! :thumbsup: Glad your mom is okay!

I actually know someone who wears a kilt!!! ( well, OK, only on special occasions… :teehee: ) I may need to give them a try!!!

Thanks for the great link!