Sock knitting

Hello, I’m new to the forum. I have been trying to improve my sock knitting but I can’t always be sure that the socks will be the same size. I knit them separately, and haven’t tried knitting them at the same time. Is this the answer?

Maybe…personally I can’t knit two things on the same needles because I don’t like having more than one ball of yarn attached to my work. I do something similar though…I’ll divide my yarn in half, start the first sock and, say, knit the cuff. Then I’ll start the second and knit the cuff. Then knit one heel flap/turn the heel, then do the 2nd, and so on – it can be helpful doing it that way so I don’t forget things in between the first and second socks, like how many stitches I picked up around the gusset, etc. (I don’t usually use patterns for socks!) :smiley:

Thanks Julie for your reply. I will try that next time.