sock knitting Questions

Hi.:smiley:I was wondering why folllowing a knitting sock pattern they dont use stockinette st on the cuff ?could person use stockinette st on the sock?
Also can a person use circle needles on a knitting sock pattern for cuff down to toe ?How would a person do it?
Also could a person use the a knitting sock pattern to use 4 dpns to knit sock toe down?instead of cuff down to toe if so,how does a person do that?
Thanks.Any help would be nice.:smile:

Stockinette isn’t usually used for the cuff because it won’t stay up. Even with ribbing at the top it can tend to slip down. If you don’t mind that then go for it.

You can knit socks with any circular method be it DPN, magic loop, 2 circulars or an itty bitty 12 inch circular. I think there are sock patterns for knitting flat, but who wants a seam on their foot?? Therefore the vast majority are for circular knitting.

Yes you can take any pattern and use any method, but I recommend you have knowledge of how to knit socks firsts. It would also be best to find a sock pattern that uses the method you want rather than changing because the pattern is written for that method. For instance if the pattern that uses DPN says “on first needle”, but you’re using magic loop it’s too easy to get confused unless you know what you’re doing. Don’t make it hard on yourself to begin with.

We can’t just tell you how to do something with no pattern, yarn and needles. It’s complicated and you need to be ready.