Sock knitting for sensitive feet?

I’ve learned that I LOVE knitting socks. I’ve also learned that I have very sensitive feet…I swear I can feel every stitch under foot and it’s not nice! So now that I’ve knit 2 pairs of socks that I can’t wear I am trying to figure out what I can do. I was thinking I could just switch to purling the sole area so the smooth side would be inside. Would that look goofy? Would that work? Would it be more prone to wear?

I also suspect that the yarns I have used to date (Trekking & Sockotta) might be a contributing factor due to the 15% nylon, which would make a “harder” yarn, right? I am at the point now where I would be willing to HAND WASH my socks(do I really mean that?) but I am also concerned that if I go for the softest wool yarn, the socks would require a lot of darning early in their lives!

While I could very well continue to knit socks and either give them away or frame them as art, I really would like to don my work on my piggy toes. Any suggestions?

Sorry that I can’t offer TOO much advice, but I can offer support as I’m a new sock knitter (working on my second pair) and I’m completley in love with knitting socks, too.

I think that if you switched to purling the soles, it probably wouldn’t look too weird because you don’t usually see the soles. I also don’t think it’d add to the wear of the sock, but it might make your feet a lot more comfortable. Sorry I can’t suggest any yar, but GOOD LUCK!

upping the stitch count may help. my first pair i knit fingering on size three needles and those socks feel bumpy and weird, but with my second pair on, i knit at least 9 st/in. of course, my favorite designer, cookie, always has 8st/in and i am currently knitting pomatomus, and im worried about this very thing.

RHR, i hadn’t thought of purling, so that the stockinette is on the inside for the bottom of the foot, but that’s a pretty nifty idea. i might try it when i get to that point. thanks!

I just counted and I’ve got 9 stitches per inch so I guess my count is ok…

Purling the soles of my socks was a trick I picked up in Sensational Knitted Socks. She makes a passing reference to a Princess Foot, because the V’s are on the inside and they’re smoother than the purl bumps.

The only tricky bits I had were with figuring out how to do a SSP instead of a SSK (Amy’s got a video for it here) and the Kitchener toes… but I’m getting better at that.

They’re soooooo comfy to walk on, and I think they look great:

Wow, I didn’t expect the bottom of the sock to look cool!!! I was thinking, it’d be okay to do for comfort because people don’t usually see the bottoms, but now I’m tempted to do it just because it looks so great! Nice job :smiley: :thumbsup:

All you will have to do is purl the bottom of the foot and you can keep the top in st pattern if that doesn’t bother you or have the entire foot in reverse St st, it will look cool anyway you knit them!
Sockotta is a very nice yarn, but not as soft as others. Trekking is soft, to me, anyway. I bet you would LOVE SWTC TOFUtsies, it’s extremely soft! The soysilk in it is so very, very soft and cool on the foot! Lorna’s Laces is very soft, too. Oh my, the list is very long! Depends, also on how much you want to spend on your sock yarn.
I bet when you purl the bottom of the foot you will find a world of difference and then be able to use any and all sock yarns!

Anree - your socks look outstanding! So glad to have a visual of my purl-sole idea which apparently is not an original idea! :slight_smile: Looks like I can have my cake and eat it too!

Rebecca - Thanks for the yarn suggestions…I picked up a skein of TOFUtsies a while back at my LYS (well if you can consider 30 miles LOCAL) so I am even more anxious to cast it on!

My first thought was to increase the stitch count too, but I love the creative idea of purling the soles. Love the way AnreeAce’s socks look when she tackled this problem. Kudos!:thumbsup:

P.S. I noticed she purled the toes, too!