Sock knitters - to cuff or not to cuff - what is your preference?

When knitting basic socks that go up past the ankle, do you generally knit a ribbed cuff for a few inches and then go stockinette, or do you prefer to rib/pattern the entire leg?

I rib the entire top of the sock.

I knit one with the leg ribbed and one with only a couple inches of ribbing the rest in stockinette. Ribbing stays up better if you don’t like your socks slipping.

So far, just ribbing for about 2 inches then stockinette. But I’m going to try ribbing for a whole sock at some point.

How interesting! How come you choose to do one sock one way and the other sock the other way?
I’m assuming you meant you do this in the same pair of socks? Or did you mean you alternate between different pairs…

I’ve only knit two pairs and I knit two inches of ribbing at the cuff, but I’d like to try a pair with the leg ribbed- seems like it would hold your leg better.

i almost never do the same thing twice!

but i have 2 times, ribbed the back of the stock (with the ribbing in V pattern (starting center back and ever few rounds more and more ribbing, until all the stitches in back are ribbed)

once i just ribbed the back, most recently, i started ribbing in back, then continued ribbing (in a straight line) to front, and ribbed all the way round.

but i don’t always rib top edge of the sock… (and sometimes i do 1 X1, and other times 2 X 2, and sometimes do 3X1)

for me the fun of socks is making each pair different!

I was wondering the same thing, But I’ll bet she means two different pairs of sox :lol:

yah, me too. :heart:

If I’m not putting a stitch pattern in the sock, I rib the whole cuff. Most cuff’s with a pattern are nice and snug with a few inches of ribbing at the top. At least that’s how I see it :wink:
And BTW I’m now as we speak working on some fixation sock’s. I’m doing both at the same time on two different set’s of circular needle’s. I’m ribbing the complete cuffs, about 6 inches. That’s the part that takes the longest for me.

I do a couple inches of ribbing and then start the pattern. I find that cable patterns and other stitch designs make for a snug fitting sock and clings to the leg all the way down and eliminates sliding down.

I will either make a ribbed cuff and stockinette leg/foot or I will make a ribbed cuff and then a different rib (or whatever stitch pattern) all the way down the leg but also the top of the foot of the sock.

I made mine with ribbing all the way down to the ankle. They seem to stay up okay.

I do a small ribbing for about two inches, either a K1, P1, or lately I’ve been doing a five-stitch rib: P1, K2, P1, K1

Then I usually switch to a larger rib for the leg of the sock…something that will give a pattern but at the same time provide snugness. If I do a non-ribbed leg, I often decrease some stitches to increase the stay-up factor. I HATE saggy socks!!!