Sock knitters! Got a question for ya!

I am finally learning how to knit socks thanks to a class I found!:woohoo:My first pair (I am still on my first sock) will be Island Punch Socks, they are knit on size 8 or 9 with 2 strands of worsted weight yarn (Berroco Comfort is what I am using) and am feeling comfy with how it is going so far. I am finally understanding the construction part which without someone to teach it to me was like this for me :wall:.

So we are leaving for Holland on Monday (we will be gone until 1/3 and I am bringing my laptop!) and I am wanting to bring stuff to maybe start another pair while I am there, I have the harmony sock needle set from KnitPicks and plenty of sock yarn here too.

So what free pattern would you all recommend me to bring with me, just in case I feel adventurous?

I would recommend you use Silver’s Sock Tutorial! It has a basic pattern which gives you everything you need to make a plain pair of socks. It is easy to understand. There are pictures and very understandable instructions on knitting a pair of socks.

Have a wonderful and safe trip and Happy Holidays to you!!!

I second Silver’s sock class.

Here’s a pretty basic pattern that still has some interest and gives a good description on heel shaping etc.

I love Charlene Church’s book: Sensational Knitted Socks. There is a stitch dictionary (so you can design your own socks), and it is written in a table form so you can follow along with whatever gauge you get for socks. Her directions are for DPNS or 2 circular needles: [FONT=‘Times New Roman’][U][COLOR=#800080][/COLOR][/U][/FONT]

I just purchased this book for learning how to do 2 socks at one time on one long circular needle (Magic Loop method) There is a very good tutorial in the beginning, and the book has a binding that allows it to lay flat! :
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Happy knitting!
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My favorite sock ribbing is as follows:

Row1: K3,P1 Repeat to end of row.
Row2: K all
Repeat these two rows.

Plain and simple and looks nice too.