Sock Instep Question

Working on my first sock in knitting patter from Lion Brand. Well I got to the part where I start the heel flap and realized I made the starting chain 2 stitches short, so for that I have to make some adjustments. I am not taking it apart. The font was so small on the pattern I mistook the numbers of 64 for 62. Well after that mistake I decided to go to Lion Website and found they have their patterns there so that was a help.

My question, the heel flap is made to a certain measurement, then when the heel is done and it is time to knit back in the round, it says to pick up 16 stitches. I understand the process, but should I assume that during the heel flap making process that I should be working 16 rows, so I can pick those back up?

I seem to have issues with my guage changing after I am kniting a while, and seems that rows or rounds would be easier to understand. I ended up havint to take the sock back down to the starting point of the heel flap due to the fact I only had the ability to take around 14 stitches up the instep.

Any advise thanks

If you are off by 2 stitches, it probably won’t matter much. Did you already work the circular ribbed cuff? If so, slide it onto your foot. If it fits around your ankle, all is well.

When you worked the heel flap, did it call for slipping the first stitch of each row? If so, that makes a very visible place to pick up stitches. The heel flap makes a square before shaping the heel. It should be long enough to go from ankle to bottom of the foot when you are standing up. Once again, better to test on your own foot. That gives you the best fit. The amount of stitches to pick up are secondary. Since you work decreases into them to shape the gussett later.

Next you shape the heel. Then pick up stitches on the edge. You want to pick up the same number on both sides of the heel. One per cast off looking hole. Plus one in the corner where the flap meets the cuff (to avoid a gap.) But whether you pick 14 or 16 won’t matter. You still do the gussett shaping the same. You just might need fewer rows of decreases.

Thanks Abby, that helps a lot to know its not so ridged, I did all you suggested and it will fit. in doing this and taking it apart to do it again did help understand the process of the heel and sock.

This sock adventure has sure been a love hate relationship. Love the DPNS, hated circulars, love the Circulars hate the DPNS, well back to loving the DPNS again. Not sure how the Circulars are going at this point for socks. Do one day want to try the 2 sock at once on it thou, if I can manage to get thru the 2nd sock.

So off I go to the heel flap again, I should blog this sock adventure one day lol… for all the peeps that love hate the sock quest.

Jot down what you did.

Ie # of cast on stitches, # of stitches used to start heel flap, # of stitches after shaping heel, # of stitches picked up on each side. That way you can use it as a reference when you knit socks #2. So they are a matched set. Once you know how socks go together, or most patterns for the matter, it is easier to know if mistakes need to be removed. Or whether they can just be fixed along the way.

Thanks Abby that is great advise… you wouldnt believe the notebooks and pads of paper I have around with notes and fixes I have done so the other side or next part is correct. I learn so much on the mistakes I will tell you. I get so frustrated and mad… but the mistakes seem to really open my head to understanding the architect behind the patterns…

I have been knitting and crocheting for years… well more crochet since a child, and I am still amazed at what I dont know. Somedays I feel I am a newbie and starting over with each new pattern. Each new push of a challenge.

Thanks for your help