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Hello. I made one toddler sock fine. But for some reason I’m having trouble on the 2nd. And I can’t figure it out for the life of me what’s wrong.

I make the cuff, which is all knit st (sorta like an ankle sock) on 3 dpn. Then when I divide on the heel. I put 12 st (needles 1) and 6 sts on 2 and 3 needle. Then when I start the divide on heel, 12 rows + 1 knit row. 1st row, sl 1, knit 2nd row sl 1 purl.

That’s where my problem is. The purls are going on the right side. Bumpy sides on the smooth side. The working needle is in my left hand, yarn pulled in the back to knit and vice versa to purl.

It works out right if I sl 1, purl but then that’s not following the pattern. And the work is all turned around.

Help me please! :heart:

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At this point you’re going to work the heel flap by knitting back and forth on needle 1 (not by knitting in a circle on all the sts as a tube). Leave the sts on needles 2 and 3 for now. You’l get back to them later. On row 1, sl1, knit 11sts to the end of needle 1, and [I]turn[/I] the work. For row2, sl1, purl 11 sts. You’ll keep working back and forth on these sts till you’ve completed the 12rows + one more knit row.

Thank you. Sorry, I should have explained I was doing that. On that part of the heel flap, the purls are going on the knit side of the work for some reason. And I am knitting then purling. And knitting on the right side of the work. No clue what’s going wrong.

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When you start to knit the heel flap, knit the row that will be on the outside of the sock and then turn and purl the sts on what will be the inside of the sock. Make sure there are purls on the inside, however you have to start off the heel flap. if that means purling the first row of the heel for whatever reason, then begin with a purl row.

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