Sock help

Ok… i’m sure this subject has been addressed before but i couldn’t find it :frowning:

I’m making a pair of baby socks and i’m almost done with them but i noticed that the area where the gusset from needle 3 meets the instep stitches the stitches are really loose. It’s almost like there’s a hole there. There’s a smaller one between needle 1 and the instep (needle 2).

It’s as if when picking up stitches for needle three (working back down to the heel portion) the stitches got stretched out. I’m sure i picked up immediately next to needle 2, but it still looks wonky.

Does this make sense? What should i do next time to make sure they look like normal socks; all nice and pretty?


I recommend picking up 2 more sts at the end of the gusset (where gusset and instep meet) I then place one of the sts on the instep needle and one on the gusset needle…then when I come back around knitting I k2tog with this extra st and the st next to it on the gusset needles and I either p2tog or k2tog using this extra st and the st next to it on the instep needles depending upon the st. pattern.