Sock help: heel flap gusset?

Hey everyone. Sorry, I’m really having trouble with this pattern - never had to follow a sock pattern before. I just did a bunch of the short rows, and I have all the stitches from the heel turn on one needle. It says:

With the same needle, pick up and k 14 sts along the left side of the heel. [COLOR=red]So do I pick them up with the needle, and then turn and knit them? That doesn’t make much sense, since that would be knitting on the WS… Do I pick them up with another needle and then knit with the needle I had the heel turn stitches on?[/COLOR][COLOR=black] With empty needle, work across instep sts. [/COLOR][COLOR=red]Is this supposed to be joining the heel with the stitches I’ve been ignoring while I worked the heel?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]I guess my biggest problem is just about picking up the stitches… I could use clarification on that one. What I tried to do was pick up the stitchwith a left needle and proceed to knit it to the right needle. This seemed wrong because it created really large holes where I’d picked up the stitches. So I don’t think I did it right… lol Thanks everyone! :D[/COLOR]

hmm. I think you’d now pick up the stitches on the sides of the heel with a new needle.

sounds like right now you have:

  1. a needle holding the stitches of the heel you just turned
  2. a needle holding about half of the stitches of the “top” (or cuff) of the sock (I believe these are what your pattern refers to as “instep stitches”)

so you’ll pick up the edge of the heel stitches with a new needle and knit each stitch as you pick them up.
then you’ll get to the instep. I think you’ll knit across those instep stitches.
then you’ll pick up the stitches on the other edge of the heel with a new needle and knit each stitch as you pick them up.

hth. apologies in advance if I confuse you more.

I’d try to explain this myself, but first of all I’m pretty new to sock knitting myself and secondly, there is an excellent description of the process in Silver’s Sock Tutorial (start of the tutorial). The [B][I]gusset[/I][/B], which is the part you are on now is explained here in detail.

I’m just knitting my first pair of socks, too, and I’m following Silver’s tutorial. It rocks! I’m just done with the gusset myself and am knitting towards the toes on the first sock now…

Good luck and let us know how it’s going!

If you go here
and scroll down a bit, you will see a video on how to knit the sock heel. It shows how to pick up the gusset stitches.
You will pick up the gusset stitches on one side, knit across the instep then pick up the gusset stitches on the other side and knit the heel stitches. You will then be back to knitting in the round.
It sounds confusing but just follow the directions and don’t over think it :-?
Now if you could teach me how to make short row heels that don’t look like swiss cheese we would be even



I think you may be making a one-step process into a two-step process. Picking up and knitting the stitches is one operation, using only one needle.

Reach through the fabric with the needle from the RS to the WS and, with the needle, ‘hook’ the working thread that is being held at the back (ie. on the WS) and pull a loop of working thread through to the RS. The ‘reaching in’ with the needle is the ‘pick up’ part of the process. The ‘pulling the loop through’ from the WS to the RS is the ‘knit’ part of the process.

Pick up and knit: one step, not two.

That’s it. I made a one-step process a two-step process. That’s exactly what I needed help with, though I couldn’t ask the question exactly because I didn’t know that was my problem! lol :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for your quick and thorough responses!

I find it easier to stick my LEFT needle through the stitch to be picked up, and pretend that loop is in fact a normal stitch (albeit the only one on the needle) and knit it with the right needle normally. Voila.

(If this is confusing or unclear forget it immediately, since you are new to picking up heel stitches.)

i usually take a crochet hook and where it says to pick up stitches i pick them up with the crochet hook and then transfer onto the dpn. You do not go back and reknit them when u pick them up it is as if knitted. You just keep going in the direction of the round and the same for the other side. Just be careful when you knit the next round that the stiched you just picked up are facing the right way before you knit them and if they are just fix them. I hope this helps