Sock help again

Step six on the silver pattern-purl to 2 stitches beyond center-I get that-but it says to do 18 and than purl 2 together and purl one more -that gives you 20-am I suppose to purl 16, purl 2 together and 1 more purl-Im stuck

I did my first socks using Silver’s sock tutorial and I never had a problem turning the heel. I’m not sure what your question really is… You should have 32 stitches on the heel needle, so you purl 18 stitches (2 past center), then purl 2 together then purl one more (you should have 20 worked stitches and 12 unworked stitches), then you turn your work, (so that the knit side now faces you) and keep going.

Good question!
The “purl-2-together” results in one purl stitch remaining on your needle(so you count it as only 1), so you have 16+1+the one more purl=18.
Keep going! We’re with you all the way!

I agree with Stephanie – if you start out with 32 stitches, you do purl 18, then P2tog, then P1 (20 sitiches total). Then turn your work. :smiley:

Julie, I think you’re right and I’m wrong! :oops:

I can’t even tell you how many times other people have corrected me here… :roflhard: …at least we try to be helpful, ever though we’re not always 100% correct! :smiley: