Sock gauge

I wanted to make this sock from a pattern. The lady says she uses #1 dpn and fingerling yarn and gets 7 or 8 stitches per inch. I seem to be getting 12 stitches per inch with my fingerling. Do I just add stitches, and if so, how many and how do I break them down on the 3 needles? Please help.


Fingering yarn. Fingerling is a small fish. :teehee: What is the name and link of the pattern? You may be able to increase, but it depends on the pattern. Because of increases and decreases you’ll want to increase so it all works out.

It is called How I Make Socks by Susan B Anderson on Ravelry. Thank you for correcting my word for fingering. I thought it didn’t look right but, let it go.

It’s certainly not a big deal I just thought I’d share so you’ll know if you see it or use it. :hug:

I think 7-8 inches is typical for fingering weight. Are you using the same yarn and needle size? Did you do a swatch to check? 12 stitches is quite a bit different is why I ask. I know when I used fingering for socks I use a US 0-1 and cast on 64 which is what she said.

I bought the yarn at Web Yarn. Scheepjes Trying to get pics to upload.

That appears to just be the main brand name. You don’t have to post a pic if you don’t want to. Just a name will do. And any other info that might be important.

It says 75% Schearwol Schurwolle Laine Vierge Virgin Wool
25% Polyamide Polyamid Polyamide Nylon
40=10cm=4" ()
28= 10cm=4" (

parenthesis has arrow going up and next one has arrow going to the right. I kept getting an error on the file when trying to upload 3 photos.

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