Sock experts: what's the best material for it?

I heard Lion Brand Wool East is the most popular for socks. Any other opinions? Isn’t wool kind of irritating for the bare skin? Do people knit socks with 100% cottons? I like 100% everything, but is it practical when it comes to knitted stuff? :??

:smiley: Generally speaking, I use fingering wt. sock yarn. It’s usually 75-85% superwash wool & 15-25% nylon, which increases the longevity of the socks :wink: I also knit with 100% wool, but then the socks are handwash, which I don’t mind, but I make sure that I use superwash wool for gift socks :wink:

Check out KnitPicks and Kemp’s store for some great sock yarns! :thumbsup:

I have used Gems Opal merino wool which is very soft and also machine washable and dryable. I’ve used it for other projects besides socks as well.

good luck!

It’s a little easier to use a worsted weight yarn for learning, but I can’t imagine using wool-ease for everyday socks! :??

I’ve used Knitpicks Parade for my first pair and now I have some Simple Stripes to try.

BTW… Parade is discontinued I believe although they still have some left. I still find it too thick to wear with shoes myself and it’s not super soft although washing did help. Don’t know about the Simple Stripes yet.

Since I wear work boots at work, thin socks aren’t practical. I haven’t made myself any socks for work yet since I need them to be machine washable, and I can’t get Wool-Ease worsted here. I’ve made DH socks out of Briggs & Little Tuffy, but he wears them around the house since they are hand-wash. I’ve got some superwarsh worsted here waiting to become 2 pairs of socks for him, but since they’re 100% wool, I want to get some wooly nylon to work with it as well. My guess is that he’ll use those ones for work.

I use superwash wool and nylon blends. So far, my favorite is Lorna’s Laces sock yarn, but I recently went on a field trip to the Brown Sheep Mill and got some of their Wildfoot, which I just cast on today. I think I might even like that one better!

I wear my socks as real socks, so I want them to be durable. I love wearing wool socks.

Well, I’m not an expert by any means, but I recently bought some Knit Picks’ Dancing to try. It’s a blend of 41% cotton, 39% wool, 13 % Nylon, and 7% elastic. It seems very nice, stretchy, and soft.

I’m not sure if you could knit socks with 100% cotton – again, I’m not an expert, but it seems like without something to give it a little stretch, the socks would fall down.

Superwash fingering 80/20 wool/nylon (or there abouts) knit at 9 stitches to the inch.

My first pair was at 6 to the inch in dk, and they feel like walking on gravel.

My wool-ease socks are super comfy! I love them all! I just knit them with much smaller needles (#4 dpns) so the stitches wouldn’t be so big.

My two cents: I think a heavier weight wool is great for your first pair because you can see the stitches more clearly. Once you have your first pair done, then you can branch out into the finer weight yarns.

Sock wool, is generally an 80/20 wool/nylon split. (or there abouts).

I like Patons Patonyle. LOVELY and soft :smiley:

Hi! My first pair I used the Bernat Berella (100% acrylic, please don’t hate me!) and they turned out great! I made then for my son and he loves them. They would be too bulky to wear with shoes but they worked great with ski boots. He loves to wear them around the house as slippers. Now I use fingering weight yarns in wool. But, if I need a quick pair I’ll use the worsted weight. I think wool-ease would be fine!

I am by no stretch of the imagination an expert so I’m not sure I should actually be answering you! :oops: Having said that… I am currently working with an absolutely fabulous yarn! It’s called MerLin Tristin and is 100 gram Sport Weight. 40% Merino 60% Linen It’s a bit pricey but a skein is 250 yrd. and it is machine wash and dry!!! I just love this stuff and it does not split like other sock yarn I’ve used! I’m using size 3 needles and the socks are coming out perfect.

And I second everyone’s suggestion to use a heavier yarn for your first pair. It helped me tremendously to do this becasuse I could actually see how things worked and came together.

Good luck with whatever you decide!

If you really like cotton for socks, you can use Cascade Fixation, it is mostly cotton but has some elastic in it to help give it some “stretch” to it, otherwise cotton can get kind of saggy.