Sock Dyeing

I’m knitting a sock with a vertical zig zag pattern on the leg. I would really like each zig zag to be a different color. (It’s to be a two color sock.) Do you figure I could successfully handpaint the sock with dye after I’ve knitted it, or is that more likely to be a recipe for disaster?

I think you could prolly do it…I’ve heard of people knitting a pair of socks and then dyeing it or even shawls and then dye them later.

Just make sure to soak them in vinegar before doing it. How many colors are you wanting to use? If you dye with 2 different colors you may run into some bleeding issues. When you dye a skein you usually help stop that some by tying scrap yarn there. What might work better is dye one color heat set it, and then go back in with the 2nd :think:

You might want to knit a swatch with left over yarn to see how it will work out for you :thumbsup: