Sock DVD

I have (and bought it before I found your site with CDs) the Knitting Korner Sock 1 DVD with Nena Galati. I watched it and knitted along once. I made most of one sock and it was HUGE! I had used needles too big because it was a practice run. I want to try again and I have some cheap practice sport-weight yarn and the right-sized needles. I sat down with my daughter’s laptop, needles, DVD, and yarn but the written instructions were not in the case. I misplaced them last time. I can’t even follow along without them because I don’t know how many stitches to cast on! I’ve emailed them about replacing the instructions, but I want to knit now or in the morning. Does anyone else have this DVD? Can you please tell me how many stitches the instructions say to cast on? Thank you!

Sorry Cyndi, looked on Google under ‘Nena Galati’ and couldn’t find anything. Is that how her name is spelled?

Sometimes if you dig a few pages, you can find the original pattern.

Thank you for looking! I got it from knitpicks but she sells them at her website I wonder if I can cast on the same as another sock pattern if it will be the same.

I checked again, with the correct spelling, and still couldn’t find a pattern. Hopefully, she won’t mind sending the pattern to you again, since you bought the DVD.

Since I lose things, I always put patterns in a three ring binder, it helps!

For a small, CO 48, medium 56, and large 64.

Hope this helps!