Sock Color Patterns

Do you guys try to get your sock yarn colors to line up when you start? I’m using Knit Picks Simple Stripes, and I noticed the two balls don’t start at the same place based on the coloring. Should I try to get them to line up, or just go with it? It’s my first pair of socks, so I have no clue how wonky they’ll look if I just go with it. Thanks much!!

Hey Kelley…I’ve done it both ways, personally, I don’t care if they line up…I like eclectic kind of things :wink: It’s all in how you want your socks to turn out.
Have you pulled the yarn from the same area on each skein…in other words, are you using the yarn from the outside of the skein on both socks…or the inside…if you use the end from the inside on 1 and the outside on the other, the striping won’t match bc of the way the yarn is dyed…so make sure you are using the yarn end from the same place on both skeins :wink:

yep, i pulled both from the inside…had to weed through a whole bunch of yarn vomit to find the silly thing. but when I did, the yarn was in two different spots on the colors. maybe i’ll just go with it like it is…i like the idea of ecclectic! :smiley:

That’s not unusual to find it like that, it’s not going to be on the same part of the pattern bc the yarn is packaged according to weight. Here’s what I do…I pull and pull and pull the yarn from the balls until I find the matching pattern & begin knitting…it sometimes takes several yards :wink:

yeah, I had done that, and it’s really not that much. hmm, to make the color even or not…that is the question… hard to decide. maybe i will since i’ve already found the matching colors. I’m still working on the cast on part based on the pattern from knit picks…that’s a whole other post! hehe!

I make the colors match, and I use the color changes as ‘markers’ in the pattern. For example, I’ll end the cuff on a color change, start the heel on a color change, start the toe on a color change. Then when I knit the secoind sock, it’s easy to make it match.

Just a footnote (hehehe) some yarns, regardless of how hard you try to match the color patterning, still will not match EXACTLY. I have had skeins of the exact same dye lot pool in completely different manners and also matching the color patterning can result in the waste of yarn sometimes.

My friend did a sweater with variegated yarn and of course wanted the front panels similar and the sleeves similar and ended up using 1 1/2 extra skeins than the pattern called for in order to match the color patterning. So while the sweater looks gorgeous she spent more on it, so it is up to each individual to decide if it is worth the extra time and sometimes money to make color patterning (pooling) match, and sometimes even after going to all the effort in the world, it still doesn’t work out perfectly. Just thought I would throw in this thought.

:rofling: You made me LOL with the “footnote” comment :rofling: