Sock advice needed

Okay, the only “sock” I’ve ever knitted was a huge Christmas stocking. I want to knit socks, and I want to knit them:

1…toe up
2…on a circular needle
3…two at a time, if possible

I already know how to do:

1…magic loop knitting
2…turkish cast-on

Can anyone recommend a single source of instruction and patterns for me? I love learning new techniques!

I can 2 out of the 3…

looking for the link now…
stay tuned

Here’s the 2 at a time ML tutorial – I don’t think it’s a Turkish Cast on though.

From our very own member here at KH, Silver, is the Two at once, Toe Up on one long circular tutorial!

It is AWESOME, and meets all of your criteria.

Enjoy making socks! :yay:

Yeah use Silver’s tutorial! big cheesy grin