I’m pregnant. This is not a surprise to at least two of you. :roflhard: 15 weeks tomorrow. I’m 36 years old and it’s still kind of a shock. :aww:

Congratulations! :happydance:

I had my 5th child at 37 - a little “surprise baby”. She is a great blessing to us, and because of her we aren’t empty nesters for another 6-8 years. I like it. Hope all goes well.

Thanks. I’ve had the “morning” sickness on and off. Last week was hell, I was throwing up repeatedly for several days - at one point, I had a giant headache and had barfed three times - I sat the dining table across from DH and just started to bawl my eyes out lolol.

I’m not excited about the baby yet - why is that? Cause I’ve been feeling like crap a lot of the time? Because it was a total surprise? When will it really hit me?

Congratulations! I had my 3rd daughter when I was 36 and it was a piece of cake! (well nearly). The feeling rap will pass very soon and you will be able to feel movement and then it will all become very real.

And just think of all the lovely new things you will need to knit.


I literally just started back to knitting a few minutes ago, hadn’t touched it in over a month! The nausea made the thought of close work like knitting totally sickening which is BIZARRE.

‘Morning sickness’ is indeed bizarre. When expecting no 3, I felt sick at the sight of sliced bread but a bread roll was fine!?? Go figure

lol…that is funny. The weirdest foods make me feel loads better like cheap ramen with the flavour packet etc. It’s like an insta-cure for .17 cents a package lol.

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I was wondering how things were going, but was afraid to ask. :hug:

I think that sometimes in the beginning we are afraid of getting excited for fear of something happening, plus being sick and in shock from the surprise doesn’t help. :lol: Once you feel better, start showing and feel that little baby in there kicking I think you’ll be more excited. Everyone has their own way to handle it, their own timetable for feelings so don’t worry about it. :hug:

You’re going to get a ton of advice… my advice is to smile, listen, process what they are saying and then do what works for you. Regardless of the advice we are all different. What works for them may not work for you. :thumbsup:

BTW… I never got morning sickness, I loved being pregnant. :shifty: :lol:

I’m glad you did not have M/S…I would not wish it upon anyone. My poor mom ralphed for something like 5 months straight with me, occasionally in public. I’m now an expert on what foods suck to throw up, and which foods come up easier (chili is horrible!) haha.

When I was closing my credit union account just prior to moving to CO, it was taking a redonculous amount of time for them to process everything, I started to feel sick, tried to fight it but ran for the exit door with my hand clapped over my mouth, I puked copiously next a cement pillar and some women walked past me “OMG are you OK?!” “yeah, I have morning sickness…” one ran to get me a cup of water from a coffee shop (thanks to her.) so embarassing to toss your cookies in public, I hadnt done THAT since I was 21 and had too much alcohol. :frowning:

The weirdest foods make me feel loads better like cheap ramen with the flavour packet etc. It’s like an insta-cure for .17 cents a package lol.
Heh, I swear that cures the headaches I wake up with in the morning. Yay for msg… or at least that form of sodium.

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Never mind, I think Jan beat me to it.

Another touted cure is salt and vinegar potato chips. I don’t have as much success with those as I do with the evil ramen…

Salt does help settle your tummy. Saltine crackers are supposed to help if you nibble on them.

Yes but throwing up crackers sucks… lol

Throwing up anything sucks. Seriously. I have a phobia about it. :zombie:

Yeah :confused:

Me too, Jan…and (TMI alert!)…I pee on myself while throwing up.

Aside from that, Congratulations N0ob!! :wink:


Congrats. I’m sure you’ll get excited soon enough. Being sick can really put a damper on enthusiasm.

I was pretty sick in my first trimester but things got great in the second just after 16 weeks and I have really enjoyed pregnancy since that point. I hope it does the same for you. :slight_smile:

I do the same thing. Totally awful and embarrassing when I would throw up on the street. :frowning: The worst time the wind blew my hair into me and I ended up with vomit in my hair and on my jacket and I peed myself.

I promptly walked back home and called in sick to work that day. Just NOT worth the trouble.

Ugh… me, too. Gotta be from so much pressure. :zombie: