So,what exactly did I buy at the car boot?

I got these, thinking they were circular needles with a row counter, but on closer inspection, they’re two separate needles with cord attached, with large plastic ends. The counter is non removable.
They have little rubbery caps and I think they’re meant to be needle stoppers, because I can push the needle tip into it enough for it to stay securely.
I’m assuming they’re a pair, as they’re the same size, but I’ve never seen a set of needles like this!

If the row counters aren’t removable are they essentially soft straight needles,or something to save open stitches on?!

Didn’t think of that, but could be what they are :slight_smile:

I had a set of needles like this that I loved working with. I thought of them as circulars that had split. They were great for holding a good number of sts.

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Thanks, salmonmac! I think that’s what they must be, then. First time I’ve unintentionally bought something a little unusual, I must admit!

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I want to know what a “car boot” is!!??!?!?


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It’s where people drive to a big field or building, usually at weekends, and sell things they don’t want any more, most things are quite cheap too. Think I paid 50p for these. It’s a great British tradition!


We have those here in the USA too!! They are tons of fun!!!


WOW, how interesting! I’ve never seen anything like that. :yarn:

I have some crochet hooks with attached cords like this. They are excellent for afgan, blankets, and tablecloths, or any wide width projects.
I am not sure if it is transferable from crochet to knitting but a lace table cloth or table runner would be easier with a dedicated row counter, no?

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I got a pair of these in a grab bag at LYS.
I wasn’t quite sure for what to use them. I have come to like using them for lace work. I really like the built in row counter.

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I’ve never seen them – sure have wished for something along these lines, though. Do you remember a brand, or who carries them??? Now, if someone could just figure out how to put a counter on a circular needle. :upside_down_face:

Awesome! I bought a straight set like these once, (but with no row counter) They are good for making blankets if you are just going back and forth. The row counter is a great idea!
Knitcindy: While Shintoga did explain what a car boot is, the actual meaning of a car boot is the trunk! However, what is meant here is a swap meet.

I meant car boot sale, but in the UK we call them car boots as a shortened, colloquial term. Do people swap things rather than just sell, at swap meets? Because at our car boot sales, sellers just set up tables and sell to the public, so I’m not sure if they’re the same as a swap meet or not? I like learning more about cultural differences and similarities, so you’ve piqued my curiosity a bit now!

In my experience, swap meets are mostly “swap” for cash. Lol
With October around the corner, the next variation on this “boot vs trunk” side topic will be “trunk or treat”.


Thanks, Jack! :blush: trunk or treat is a great name, too!

Perhaps a nearer match to a car boot would be a garage sale in the US?