So what do you do while your knitting?

Do you watch TV?

Listen to music?

Just curious what everyone else does while they are knitting…

For me. it depends on what I am watching. If its something like the news or something I don’t have to “watch” I will knit. If I am really into a show, knit on commercial breaks :lol:

I like to have the TV on when I knit. I never stop–knitting had first priority–sometimes I don’t know what the main characters look like if I’m doing a complicated pattern. :rollseyes: I’ve had to give up subtitled movies, though.

I also like to knit at work if we have a meeting–I really do concentrate on what’s being said better if I have something going in my hands.

Mostly during TV good thing for tivo :thumbsup: if I hear something that gets my attention I can rewind LOL… Sometimes during music… When we go to WV I knit in the car… dh even says you have something to work on? I drive him crazy if I don’t… :smiley:

I sometimes listen to music during the day while I knit unless there is something interesting on Oprah or Martha. At night the TV is on.

During the day, I have the radio on. At night, the TV is usually on. Sometimes, it’s just nice to knit in the quiet house, though!! That opportunity doesn’t come up very often though…

oh my…lol…okay…

I knit at the movies,
I knit in the drive through,
I knit at stop lights ,
I knit standing in line at the store,
I knit while other people are driving,
I knit in training sessions,
I knit in bed,
I knit while watching TV.

and that is probably the order in which i do them the most often…lol. sadly i am rarely at home as i start my first job at 7:30am and get home from my second job at 9:30pm. soooo i have to sneak a few stitches in whenever i can! :wink:

TV mostly. During the day, I put the tv on a music choice channel of some sort, and the type depends on my mood. I have noticed that I can knit at a pretty quick clip if I knit while listening to Metal Mania on VH1Classic :slight_smile:

At night, regular TV.

We don’t do TV - got rid of cable, don’t have an antenna, but we do watch the occasional DVD and I always knit during those.

I watch my kids play while I knit (though they frequently make it impossible for me).

I knit between sets of weight-lifting (in little one-minute increments, wearing weight-lifting gloves, no less, but hey, whatever it takes to feed my addiction).

I knit in the car while dh drives (so far have resisted the urge while I’m driving).

I knit during meetings or sometimes at social gatherings (if it’s just a group of women hanging out having coffee - not like a major Christmas party or anything! :wink: )

But honestly, my favorite thing to do while knitting is nothing else. I like to get up early before anyone else is awake, and sit in my recliner with a cup of coffee, and enjoy the silence while I knit.

earthchick–anyone with twin toddlers appreciates the silence, I imagine!! :wink:

or DVD’s - I have a full entertainment center here in my sewing room 8)

-while watching TV in the evening
-while driving far (if my husband is driving ;))
-during the day, I like to listen to the radio while I knit in my bedroom if I am not at work

I knit while chatting with my roommate, who is usually also knitting. We knit while watching movies pretty often. If it’s something I haven’t seen before, she’ll tell me which parts I actually need to WATCH. Hehe.
She also likes to knit while playing The Sims, but I get too easily distracted. :rollseyes:

Ack! How can you knit and play the Sims! You have to use the mouse to do stuff. Or does she just let them wander around on their own and see what they do? That can be fun, too. I haven’t played them for months!

Mostly she lets them wander. She’ll click something every row or two, though. I get sucked into her game more than mine! I keep telling her it’s become more fun for me to watch her sims than to play my own. :lol:

i mainly knit while watching tv - god bless Netflix!

[color=darkblue]I “listen” to the TV but I can’t look at it. I’m TOO NEW to do that. :slight_smile:
Susie who just started a NY State dishcloth for fun.[/color]

we don’t do tv either, so I generally knit while listening to NPR or books on tape/cd. I can only knit to DVDs if I’m working on something very mundane, otherwise I get sucked in and screw up.

…and when stopped by trains
…and on my lunch break
…while DH is driving (but this event is actually rare)
…in the shower…just kidding

I “watch” the TV while I knit. But like the OP said, if it is something I really want to watch I will stop knitting to look at it.

I mostly watch TV or listen to audio books while knitting. But I’ve been known to knit while walking on the treadmill… haven’t figured out how to run and knit yet. LOL

Mostly whilst watching TV (I like those satellite TV music stations, too!), but I bring my knitting bag EVERYWHERE I go…its like a security blanket! So, if Im waiting for ANYTHING, I knit. Also I sneak in a couple rows on my lunch. And in the car if DH is driving.