So what do I do with it?

For the holidays my dh took our girls shopping for me. They went to Jo-Ann’s and bought me yarn and needles. The needles are a no-brainer (go exchange them for sizes I don’t have LOL!) The yarn, OTOH I’m a bit perplexed about. Here is what I have and you tell me what I do/make with it:

1 skein Paton’s Allure in Turquoise (50 g, 43m)
1 skein Sensations (Jo-Ann brand) Angel Hair in Purple (100 g, 110 m)
2 skeins Sensatins Halo in Red (50 g, 34 m each)
1 skein Lion Brand Fun Fur in Rainbow (40 g, 52 m)
1 hank Sensations Majesty in Multi ( 50 g, 125 m)

Some thoughts I’ve had:
Keep it and find a way to in corporate it in later projects
Make small individual projects out of each
Trade it all in for yarns I would work with
Trade some of it in for multiple balls of one of them to make something with

To be honest it is yarn I would never buy or use myself. It’s pretty, but either not my colors or not my fiber content (the Angel Hair has the highest wool content (22%) The girls are no help because they tell me to “do whatever you want.” They just wanted to buy me yarn and their father wouldn’t let them buy me one of every skein/ball/hank (which was their first idea - his pocket book stopped that one :roflhard: )

Ideas? Anyone worked with any of this or made anything from any of it?

If their feelings wouldn’t get hurt, I’d exchange it for something you prefer. You could explain how hard it is to find something to make with one ball, without mentioning that the yarn itself is unappealing. You could save it for trim or such, but I understand completely what you’re dilemma is.