So sloooooooow

Is it me? I really love knitting, it’s very zen and makes me feel… special, like I’m being being the artist I always wanted to be when I’d slave over crappy drawings in high school. Weeeeell, you guys know what I mean, so I won’t go on…
So why does it take me soooooo long?! I know I just started and all, but when I see a book titled ‘Easy 1 Day Knitting Patterns’ I want to laugh the truly bitter laugh of someone who’s been working on the same scarf for a month…
So is it me? Will I get faster, or should just be happy with the finished outcome, regardless of how long it takes?

You will get faster and/or you will find projects that you enjoy working on so much that you don’t mind how long it takes. I think that most of us have multiple things on the needles (except for our monogamous Rebecca) because we get bored with projects that seem like they will take forever. It’s nice to take a break from one thing and do something else. It makes the first one seem new again.

I agree ingrid. You will get faster as you knit more. And it is something to change to a different project every now and then. Very fun. I often like to switch from knitting to crochet. It’s something that seems new every time. :slight_smile:

Hey, it took me four months to knit a scarf and one week to knit a sweater. I’m going to blame it on interest levels, but there are a bunch of things that make some knitting go faster. If you like it, keep at it! I’m pretty impatient, so I tend to either knit one thing obsessively for hours and hours on end or give up on it for long periods of time.

Everyone starts off slow…LOL, I still find myself knitting slowly @ times…although, I don’t consider myself a fast knitter by any means. But you will get faster as you get more comfortable with the knitting & become more sure of yourself :wink: