So not good

I won an auction for a set of Boye interchangeable needles and I’ve been waiting in anticipation for them to arrive. Well, I finally E mailed the seller to see if they had shipped yet and their E mail is invalid. Oh, I hope this is just a fluke and I didn’t buy from a bad seller. I want my needles dang it! :shock:

Oh, that sucks!
Did you try to contact the seller via Ebay? I’m always a bit worried when I buy something at Ebay, but untill now I’ve been lucky (knocks on wood).
I really hope that you get your needles!

[color=darkblue]I know what you are going through. I made my very first EBAY purchase (an Xbox game) on Sept. 12th. I have yet to get the item.
I have sent three emails to the seller. Yesterday I received a strange email from a different man saying that the seller had some customer service problems ( no duh) and that he was taking it over. He said that he had another game and would send it to me. He said he would contact me when it had been shipped.
He better. :evil:
I hope you get your stuff.

EBay has that guarantee thing…In YEARS of EBay shopping, Ive only had one purchase go bad. And EBay refunded my money.

I am brand new to Ebay. All I know of is that you can file a greivance. I sent a money order so I think that may make a difference but not sure.
YEARS of shopping eh? You’re a pro.

We’ve made 66 purchases since December of '99.


I do a lot of ebay-ing. I love it, but you have to stay on top of it. If you want to file a complaint and a claim to get your money back, you have to do it within 30 days… which is hard because you want to wait and see if you’ll get the stuff before you go through all that. It’s tricky.

Keep us posted on how this works out…

I’ve never made any eBay purchases because I’m leary about the process… even though one of my best friends has made $1000s of dollars selling stuff on eBay.

Ooh, I love my Boye’s! I hope this works out for you!

Oh geez, doesn’t ebay help you out here immediately? I too have made MANY MANY purchases on ebay. IN fact got my Boye needleset through them and so much beautiful yarn. I’m sure ebay will investigate this for you right away, just contact them. As to you all who are leary about them, it’s best to buy from people with a good feedback quantity. Paypal is good too.

We’ve made 58 purchases since oct of -03 and all have been great!! We do look at the seller & see how his/her feedback looks & how long he/she has been with Ebay, too. I LOVE EBAY!!!
I’m sure if u hang in, it should work out, in the meantime, let Ebay know that they seller’s email addy is no longer the same.

False alarm, I got them today! You know how you buy something and want it like yesterday. I got caught up in that :slight_smile:

Oh phewww! What a relief. Glad everything worked out!

I’m glad that worked out for you too.

I know eBay does a huge amount of business and that most people are probably honest with it but there are bad apples (like anywhere else).