So many sock book, Which one is the Best?

Hi, I am in search of buying a sock book. I have knitted a few cuff down using information from the internet, but I would like to have one that teaches sock construction of both cuff down and toe up. Any suggestions?

I suggest ordering from the library if you can to see if you like them. There are just too many books! I have a few books, but I rarely use them.

It’s not a book, but this is a great tutorial on socks, toe-up, cuff-down, one at a time, two at a time. There are others out there, I learned toe-up from Lifestyle Socks and videos.

I use the Lifestyle Toe-Up Socks formula for all my socks and then just add whatever stitch pattern interests me. So when I went looking for a sock book, I was looking more for design inspiration rather than how-to. The only sock book I own is [I]Think Outside the Sox,[/I] which doesn’t really fit the OP’s criteria but is an awesome book nonetheless.

Carol, you really encourage me! I didn’t link to the Lifestyle Socks because in a computer fiasco I lost all my bookmarks and saved things and finding it again isn’t always easy. If you use the same formula I do, maybe someday I can make socks as well as you? I doubt it, I don’t think I have the same drive and determination. I look at books and think I’d be interested but thumb through and find only one or two things that really interest me and the book stays in the store. I prefer spending money on my stash and needles. Hi, I’m GrumpyGramma and I’m a yarn and needles junkie.

Here’s the link for the Lifestyle Toe-up Socks, for anyone who needs it. Getting to be good at knitting socks or anything else is a matter of practice. My very first pair of socks was an ugly, lumpy mess. I was proud of having finished them, but when my dog later chewed 'em up, I didn’t grieve for them.

From the Lifestyle Toe-up Sock page

Not a pattern, but a lifestyle

:noway: OMG Truth in advertising? :roflhard:

I knit wearable socks. Right now I’m making pink ones. I had a pair of candy pink socks that I wore on days when I felt like my day needed something…I called them pink sock days. They wore out and I finally decided to make some. I’m using Sock Ease lollipop yarn. I think it’s lollipop…looks more like bubblegum to me. I have long feet, with really long toes that are hard to fit and finding socks I like is almost as hard as finding shoes that fit so I had to learn to make them myself. OK, to be honest, any excuse will do. :wink: I think my next pair will be in grape soda and if I have any pink left I might just mix them together.

I just bought, received, and devoured in one day Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s [I]Knitting Rules,[/I] which among other hilarious things, includes toe-up and cuff-down sock formulas.

Didn’t think of that one Antares! I remember the cuff down, but not toe up though…

It’s a fun book though. I’ve read it several times. Hmmm…may have to read it again. :teehee:

Knitting rules is a great book; I own it. If you only want to learn sock construction, I would go with an online site like Silvers. Once you learn the basic construction, you can go on to lots of other sock books with great patterns. I have several but one of my favorites is Folk Socks by I think Nancy Bush.