So I went to get a cable needle today

I went to a new LYS. I’ve been wanting to go there for a while…it has the best story: These two moms opened the store so that their mentally-handicapped daughters could take it over one day and be independent. Anywho, I was looking for a bamboo cable needle…here’s what I got:

“But, Sharon, where’s the cable needle?” Oh, yah, that…hmmm, well, they didn’t have bamboo ones. :oops:

Ugh, I need help… :help:

OMG what a WONDERFUL story! Im reading all about these ladies on their website as I type this…


NOW I wish I lived in MD!!

Hmm. I noticed that they didn’t have directions from New York! :frowning:

Ingrid…95 south to 32…then follow their directions!! :happydance:

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

What a wonderful story. So optimistic and filled with hope. By the way, in my limited experience, I’ve used just about anything for a cable needle including a pencil.

Wow! It really sounds like someone needs write a book about their story. I bet this is going to become a regular stop on your LYS route, eh? :slight_smile:

Is that that Manos del uraguay (forgive my spelling) yarn that I keep hearing about???


I love their class listings, great prices too. I wish I could take that shawl class.

Denise, yup, it’s Manos. Soooo pretty.

You guys should see this store - it’s so spacious. The other stores around here feel so cramped. But this one is spread out and so comfortable. There’s two HUGE comfy sofas in the middle of the store with a huge bowl of candy (Mmmm, root beer barrels.) You can just sit and relax. There’s also a table in the back where you can swatch yarns to see how you like them. And, it’s not like this store is THAT much larger than the others…I think it’s just laid out really well.

If you ever come down this way, def check this store out. The owners are super nice, too. Oh, and if you are down this way, you better be giving me a call. :wink:


Sharon, I am so jealous of you and your Manos! Are ya sure you don’t want to send it to ME?

Hmmm… I don’t think I have ever seen a bamboo cable needle, so my bet is that the more you go looking for one the more Manos you’ll come home with! :lol:

Brittany makes a set of three cable needles out of birch but other than that I have only seen plastic and metal ones.

BTW if you love Manos you’ll really love Malabrigo, lovely colors, a softer and the all important bottom line, it’s less expensive. I just love it and I have used both.