So I made a hat

My MIL was here this weekend, she assured me that my 29" circs would be fine to make a beanie. So I said “Ok start it off and show me what I am doing wrong”

About an hour later a light bulb went off in her head reminding her she used DPN’s and not circs to do these (granted it has been 20 years since she knitted…though I have a feeling after a weekend with me she will be going home and getting her stuff out of the closet)

So I wanted to try it out and she said she just wings it…I’m not a “wing it” kinda girl. I need to be told when and where and what to do. My daughters hat has a cone head. Which is ok because she is two and as long as it’s purple she will wear it with pride.

So, my question, working on the dpns seemed like a cake walk for me. Can I use any pattern that calls for circs with dpns?

I’m at work, but will post a pic tomorrow of the cone hat :wink:

Yep, as long as your pattern doesn’t call for more stitches than the dpns can hold. I’m really liking dpns lately too!