So... how many guys we got on here now?

Hey everyone,

I’ve been noticing more and more guys posting on here (which is very cool).

So I gotta wonder, how many guys we do have on KH now?

1304–Stats on the bottom of the main page of the forum. :wink:

Actually Ingrid… that’s the total number of members…

Speaking of men knitting … my brother said he has to find himself a hobby. Of course, what came to ekgheiy’s mind first??? You know what he said? He said, “Knitting is for girls.” :shock: :mad: : :wall: :help:

I said, “Oh no it’s not. You gotta get a load of the Manly Knitters on

Of course dear brother didn’t want to hear that. sigh So yeah … I second Joel … who are all our manly knitters out there?? :inlove: C’mon … speak up!!! :mrgreen:

Actually Ingrid… that’s the total number of members…[/quote]

Oops, I missed the ‘guys’ in your post! :oops:

I’m sure more guys knit than would admit it… From my experience, I’m not very vocal about my new hobby. Most knitting store workers act like I’m buying “tampons” for myself, when I’m buying yarn. I’m always asked “what lady friend are you buying this for”. :?? Online buying has become my new friend.

Believe it or not, we women understand completely. We may be able to walk into a yarn shop with impunity, but how about an auto parts store? I’ve had guys in there treat me like I’m 12.

I even had a mechanic say, “Would you like me to call your husband and explain to him what’s wrong with the car?”


I feel your pain Ingrid!!

You should beeotch slap those poofballs and say

[color=blue]“Look, you poofball, these are MY yarns! Got it?? MY yarns. MINE! If my lady friend wants yarn too, she is more than welcome to come WITH ME and get her own blasted yarns! But these right here [/color] (point to your yarn) [color=blue]are MINE! So there!!” [/color]

The key to progressively make your voice more frantic w/ each word. I’m sure they’ll not make the same mistake again … :roflhard:

What?!? :mad: Oh … Oh … I would have been so pi$$ed!

You’d think that when I spend $200.00 in their store, they’d be doing the “Happy Dance” & then issue me a V.I.P. card… :happydance:

Dude, you should demand one! Say … “What’s my motivation for coming back here after I’ve been made to feel like an outcast?” (insert seriously hurt face here) (PS: They don’t need to know that you’d come back simply to feed your needle-needs anyway. Let’em sweat!) :lol:

okay the loud outburst of laughter that came after reading that was not good for my headache but it will end up on my “hilarious posts” forum i promise!

as far as entering a parts store…i LOVE going in there and saying “I have a 2003 Hyundai Sonata and i need blah blah blah…Go get it for me!” hee hee. Of course my favorite part is when they ask me if i want them to put it in for them and telling them that i will be happy to do it myself cuz i like putting the parts in, i just don’t like having to figure out where they hide them in their store! the last time i went into one though to get a headlight bulb i had to go back and hand them the bulb i had just taken out of my car because it by no means came close to matching the one i had just taken out of my car!! much for guys knowing more huh?


I go to a yarn store in Saybrook CT where two out of the three knitting teachers are men. Yesterday, when I was in New Haven there was a male college student sitting in the lys knitting. When I was waiting for a flight to arrive at Newark Airport last month I just hauled out my knitting to pass the time without any reaction that I know about. I would say male knitters are increasing in numbers and are less reluctant to go public.

“No, I’d like you to call my husband to explain why you’re being a sexist asshole.” :angelgrin:

I haven’t actually had anybody ask me who the yarn is for when I buy by myself. But when my mom is with me, they ask her and I say “:smiley: It’s for ME!” with a great big smile.

Kill them with kindness, if you’re feeling merciful. Otherwise, torture them with the Hurt-Puppy-Face…
“Don’t you think I can knit…? I made the hat I’m wearing…don’t you think it’s nice? snuffle, big, wet eyes

To be clear: I am yet another Dude Who Knits.


“No, I’d like you to call my husband to explain why you’re being a sexist asshole.” :angelgrin: [/quote]

Looooove it!! :roflhard:

Classic dude, simply classic!! Rawk on!! :thumbsup:

hey joel - how about putting up a poll?

Are you a 1) male 2) female 3) other

and see what happens! :smiley:

I’d be curious to see how many ‘Others’ we’d get. Probably a lot, since we have such a bunch of joksters!