So glad I found this forum

I am a self taught knitter and very new at it too, here’s my dilemma.
I am making my first “wearable” and have gotten stuck. :?? Here is the beginning of my frustration: It says, when the piece measures 43cm knit 4 rows garter st over the center 26 sts (knit the remaining sts the same as before)- (this part I have done) then on the next row bind off the center 22 sts for the neck. Keeping 2 sts at neck edge in garter st, dec 1 st at each neck edge every other row 10 times=18 sts remain on each shoulder. Keep the 2 neck edge sts in garter st to finished measurements. (Should have mentioned the garment is done in stockinette.)

Am I supposed to work only 1 shoulder at the time? Or both?
WHEW !! I’m so confused. :wall:


You can do it either way–using a separate strand for each shoulder works well so you know that they’re completely even. However, you can do one at a time, too.