So Excited

I am so excited I just received my first issue of Creative Knitting. Anyone who gets this magazine what do you think? Is it worth it to pay for the full subscription as this copy was free to try.
Already finding patterns in there that I want to try out.

I had it for two years and never knit anything from it, but it’s not a bad magazine. I just prefer Interweave Knits.

I’ve received 2 issues and have knit several items from them. Well, only one from the 2nd, because my mother whisked it away and I haven’t seen it since. At least she let me copy down the pattern I was working on first LOL

I have it and I really like the articles. I have knit a couple of items from it but the articles real informative. It is a personal matter of choice. I found interweave to young in style for me not that I am ancient.:cheering:

I’ve been subscribing to “Creative Knitting” for several years! Love it and all the projects done from it have turned out very well without problems.

I like the patterns in it, and find that there’s both a variety of items, and they range from really easy to pretty difficult. I prefer it to some of the more “stylish” magazines - I’ve actually knit some things from Creative Knitting. I’d get it for a year and you can always cancel after that if you don’t like it.

I love Creative Knitting–I like the variety of things it has: clothing for adults, outfits for kids, baby items and dishcloths. I also love Interweave Knits–its kinda of my wish book-I wish my knitting was that advanced. Maybe someday!

I love it, lol In fact I’mlooking at the latest copy today and trying to decide what to knit.

I prefer it for my tastes. I seem to enjoy knitting out of it, and the patterns are more my style for my friends & neighbors.

Thanks guys. I did send away the subscription form for it and I think I will enjoy it.

I don’t subscribe to CK, but I buy it often, though mainly for the articles. There is usually at least one sock pattern and one wash cloth pattern, which I like since I prefer small projects.:teehee:

I like it! AND unlike some of the knitting magazines, it marks the difficulty of the projects to we know what we are getting into!

What I’ve knitted from it has been easy to read and follow.