Snowflake pattern anyone?

I am looking for a snowflake pattern thats about 13 rows, but it can be a little more. I have had some trouble finding one. Its for a stocking so I can add a couple extra rows if needed.

Anyone have one?

13 rows? So a tiny one? All I could find are larger ones and most of those are crocheted… :think:

Well… here’s one see what you think.

Thanks, but I should have been more specific. I need a pattern (well part of a patttern actually) that I can work into the stocking I am making for my husband. I dont know how I would work that one in.

If you are looking for one to intarsia knit into the stocking, the large one on this stocking might work. It is a 15 row snowflake.

Ohhhhh so you want a chart. Gotcha. These are about the right size.