Snowflake hat

This is my first fair isle attempt and boy I broke the rules!
I got to the dpn when all went wonky. Only used dpn a couple times before. Dropped st, yarn att’d to wrong st…i frogged and then chg to 40" magic loop, and used just plain colour for the crown. Crazy part the orig needles which make up most of hat 5mm. The 40" is 4mm!
Can’t tell likely because i did not continue with the snow pattern. Not perfect by far, but I so love the big snow flakes. Here is the pix and the pattern.

i always have trouble when decreasing the crown. Seems when I should k2t there is just 1 st left on that part of the needle, whether magic loop or dpn

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That came out great!! Love it!

Did you find the ML easier to just continue instead of changing needles?

Oh yes. After the first debacle.
I am going to start another helix striped hat,
But this time for a child. Only 66 c/o sts.
Will use 24" for that. I found it much easier
With 3 skeins. I love making that hat!

Make that a 16" needle for the child’s hat.

16"…okay. Personally I wouldn’t, but I’m curious to see how it works for you.

The snowflake hat looks wonderful and the stranded knitting is beautifully done. Your first attempt? So nice.

Jokes on me. I don’t have a 16". Lol!
I thought I had bought one. I used the 24" for
The adult helix.

So, I am betting you have made many children’s hats. Do
You use 40" magic loop? Have you used that with helix

I loved the adult 24" since you knit around and no breaks
And no loops. Then the dreaded dpns. Maybe I should try
Ml for childs hat.

Any tips on my crown issues, re having one st left on needle
When should be k2t? I think that causes my decrease ridges
Not to all be perfect.

Have a good day!!

Thank you salmonmac… Always amazed at the designers.
Hey, I just noticed you and Jan are both mod squad!

There are several moderators, but we are the only ones that are really active. Jeremy posts once in a while…the others not so much.

You fit an adult hat on 24"!? I guess I make smaller hats. Not sure how you do that!

I use magic loop for everything except the very tiniest things like a bear or dolls leg then I use DPN. So yes, I do use 40" for all my hats including helix, fair isle, cable, etc. Now if you find that 40" is just too much for you then you could use a 32". I used that length for socks. I don’t mind larger loops though myself.

You mean once stitch at the end of one needle? I just slip that stitch to the other needle and k2tog. I really don’t have that happen often though because I use a multiple of 10 it always comes out even. If you’re using patterns that could happen though so just slip it to the other side.

Oh…ha ha!!! Here I thought you loved the old show Mod Squad :smile:
You both do a phenomenal job if I may speak for us all. You both sure
Work hard for us and have a caring attitude.

Ok…i will be brave and try the child’s hat on 40".

Thank you!!


Looks good.
I’m closing up my DK hat right now, debating on DPNs but afraid I’ll start dropping even more stitches if I do.
I’m also starting to run into stitches not set up on needles right for decreases. I’m thinking adjusting them around would be easier with DPNs, I’m sure they’d be easier as the hole gets smaller as long as they don’t fall out.

Thank you, Bluejaygirl for your kind comments. We’re all learning this together!