Snowflake/Filet patterns for beginners

I was given some crochet thread. I picked up some hooks today that are small enough for thread crochet and am ready to go! I managed one kinda pitiful snowflake. Some of the patterns I tried were hard!

Does anyone have patterns for easy but pretty snowflakes or even good , small starter type patterns for filet crochet? Eventually, I want to filet myself a last name wall hanging but I’m not ready for all that yet. Just sort of want to get my feet wet and decorate my upcoming tree with crocheted flakes while I’m waiting for my stocking knitting book to come in the mail. (hubby bought for me. Isn’t he sweet? :heart: )

Thanks in advance~

Have you checked out Hass Design?
Really nice tutorial information on filet. I had to learn about filet for my Masters Program through the guild and I used Hass Design and Jan Eaton’s book on “The Encyclopedia of Crochet Techniques”.
Lots of filet patterns here but not all of the links are active:
Good luck!

In all honesty, filet crochet is probably easier than snowflakes.

Filet is basically a grid of the same stitches over and over. You follow a chart, and it involves nothing but double crochet and chain stitches.

Snowflakes are usually crocheted in the round, and have more involved stitching.

Good luck!

I just found this link that you might be interested in:

It says the patterns are “beginner”.